GSEB HSC 12 Physics Answer key 2019 (054) All Set 07/03/2019

GSEB HSC 12 Physics Answer key 2019 (054) All Set 07/03/2019

GSEB HSC 12 Physics Answer key 2019 : Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) has successfully conducted the Exam of Physics Paper 054 on 07-03-2019. The exam was conducted all over the state of Gujarat. After the Conduction of exam, students are Searching for answer key of GSEB HSC 12 Physics (054) Answer key 2019.

If you are also looking for GSEB HSC 12th Class Physics 2019 Paper Code 054 Answer Key 2019? If Yes then you are at right place as in this post we are going to share answer key for Gujarat HSC Board Science Stream Answer key 2019. We have provided all information regarding GSEB HSC12th physics Answer Key 07/03/2019 on this page below.

Check Few Questions and Answers of the Physics Examination 2019

1.Vm is the maximum voltage between the ends of the second terminal Transformer used in half wave rectifier. When the PN junction diode is Reverse biased. What will be the potential difference between the two end of the diode?
Ans- Vm
2.The emitter junction of the CE transistor amplifier is …………………. biased, while the collector junction is ………………………… biased.
Ans- forward, reverse
3.α= 0.99 for a CE transistor amplifier circuit. The input resistance is equal to 1 KΩ and the load resistance is equal 100 KΩ. The voltage gain of the circuit is
Ans- 990
4.The liquid drop of mass ‘m’ has a charge ‘q’. What should be the magnitude of electric field E to balance this drop?
Ans- mg/q.
5. The number of electric field lines emerge out of 1 mC charges
Ans- 1.13 x 108 (2)
6.For a uniform electric field E= E0 . If the electric potential at y=0 zero then the value of electric potential at Y =+y will be -……………….
Ans- -yE0
7. Energy of a charged capacitor is U. Now it is removed from a battery and then it is connected to another identical uncharged capacitor in parallel. What will be the energy of each capacitor now?
Ans- U/4
8. Two metallic sphere of radius R1 and R2 are charged. Now they are brought into contact with each other with a conducting wire and they are separated. If the electric fields on the surface are E1 and E2 respectively E1/E2
Ans- R22/ R12
9.For a capacitor the distance between two plate is 4x and the electric field between them is E0. Now a dielectric slab and dielectric constant 3 and thickness x is placed between them in contact with one plate. In this condition what is the PD between its two plate
10.A particle having mass 1g Electric charge 10^-6C travels from a point A having electric potential 600 Volt to the Point B having zero potential. what could be change in its kinetic energy?
Ans- -6X10^-6 erg
11.the unit of conductance of a material of a given conductor is
Ans- volt/ ampere
12. Ffigure shows a part of a closed circuit. The current flowing through it is 2 A then Vb-Va is
Ans- + 3 volt.
13. The resistance of a 10 M long potentiometer wire is 20 ohm. It is connected in series with 3 volt battery and 10 ohm resistor. The potential difference between the two point separated by distance 0.3 metre is equal to
Ans- 0.064
14. Two bulb of 220 volt and 100 watt are first connected in a parallel and then in a series with a supply of 220 volt. Total power in both cases will be ……………………… respectively
Ans- 200w, 50w
15. Two parallel long thin wire, each carrying current I are kept at a separation r from each other. Hence the magnitude of force per unit length of one wire due to the other wire is
Ans- B
16.Two concentric rings are kept in the same plane. Number of turns in both the rings is 20. Their radii are 40 cm 80 cm and they are carry electric current of 0.4 ampere and 0.6 ampere respectively. in mutually opposite direction. The magnitude of magnetic field produced at the centre is …………T
Ans- D
17. At a place a uniform electric field and uniform magnetic field are in upward direction there an electron moves in a downward direction in this electron ……………..
Ans- will lose velocity
18.when a charged particle moves in a uniform magnetic field is kinetic energy……………………..
Ans- remains constant 3
19.For a superconductor Ur =
Ans- Zero
20.A straight Steel wire of length L has a magnetic moment m. If the wire is bent in the form of semicircle what is the new value of magnetic dipole moment?
21.for plane mirror value of magnification is equal to 1 then its focal length f is
Ans- infinite
The answer key will be available Very Soon.

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