SDAU Recruitment 2023: Exciting Opportunities Await for Assistant Professors and Agricultural Assistants

SDAU Recruitment 2023 : The Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University (SDAU) has recently announced its recruitment drive for the year 2023, offering numerous positions for Assistant Professors and Agricultural Assistants. This article aims to provide you with all the essential details regarding this exciting opportunity for aspiring candidates. Interested Candidates Must Follow OJAS Gujarat Website.

SDAU Recruitment 2023: Assistant Professor Positions

Job Description

The Assistant Professor positions at SDAU offer a dynamic and rewarding career path for individuals passionate about teaching and research in the field of agriculture. As an Assistant Professor, you will be responsible for:

Delivering lectures and conducting practical sessions in your respective field of expertise.
Mentoring and guiding students in their academic pursuits.
Undertaking research activities and publishing scholarly articles.
Participating in conferences and seminars to enhance your professional knowledge.
Collaborating with fellow faculty members and engaging in departmental activities.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Assistant Professor positions, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

Possess a Master’s degree in the relevant field from a recognized university.
Clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) or the State-level eligibility test (SLET/SET).
Show evidence of research and teaching experience (desirable but not mandatory).
Demonstrate a keen interest in academic pursuits and contribute to the development of the agriculture sector.

How to Apply

To apply for the Assistant Professor positions at SDAU, follow these steps:

Visit the official SDAU website ( and navigate to the recruitment section.
Find the advertisement for Assistant Professor positions and click on the “Apply Now” button.
Fill out the application form with accurate and relevant details.
Upload your updated resume and any other required documents.
Submit the application form before the specified deadline.

Selection Process

The selection process for Assistant Professors at SDAU typically involves the following stages:

Screening of applications based on eligibility criteria.
Shortlisting of candidates for a written examination or interview.
Performance evaluation based on academic qualifications, teaching ability, research experience, and overall suitability for the position.

SDAU Recruitment 2023: Agricultural Assistant Positions

Job Description

The Agricultural Assistant positions at SDAU offer an exciting opportunity to work directly with farmers and contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector. As an Agricultural Assistant, your responsibilities will include:

Providing technical assistance and guidance to farmers.
Conducting field visits and assessing crop health and productivity.
Implementing agricultural practices to enhance crop yield and soil fertility.
Disseminating knowledge and conducting training programs for farmers.
Collaborating with agricultural experts and researchers to address challenges in the field.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Agricultural Assistant positions, you should meet the following criteria:

Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or a related field from a recognized institution.
Have a sound understanding of agricultural practices and techniques.
Possess good communication and interpersonal skills.
Show a genuine interest in rural development and the welfare of farmers.

How to Apply

To apply for the Agricultural Assistant positions at SDAU, follow these steps:

Visit the official SDAU website ( and navigate to the recruitment section.
Locate the advertisement for Agricultural Assistant positions and click on the “Apply Now” button.
Fill in the application form with accurate and relevant information.
Attach the necessary documents, such as educational certificates and experience letters.
Submit the application form within the specified timeframe.

Selection Process

The selection process for Agricultural Assistants at SDAU generally includes the following steps:

Initial screening of applications based on eligibility criteria.
Shortlisting of candidates for a written test or interview.
Evaluation of candidates based on their academic qualifications, practical knowledge, and suitability for the position.

Official Notification :

  • Date and Time of Interview
    • 12/10/2023 (Assistant Professor)
    • 16/10/2023 (Agricultural Assistant)


The SDAU Recruitment 2023 offers promising opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career as an Assistant Professor or Agricultural Assistant. These positions provide a platform to contribute to the field of agriculture through teaching, research, and practical application of knowledge. If you meet the eligibility criteria, make sure to apply before the deadline and embark on an exciting journey with the Sardarkrushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University. Remember, the future of agriculture lies in the hands of dedicated professionals like you, who are passionate about making a positive impact in this vital sector. Don’t miss out on this remarkable chance to be a part of SDAU’s esteemed faculty or contribute to the agricultural development as an Agricultural Assistant. Apply today and seize the opportunity to shape the future of agriculture!

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