GSSSB Consent Form (Sammati Patra) 2024 for Various Posts

GSSSB Consent Form :  Understanding the GSSSB Consent Form. The GSSSB Consent Form, also known as Sammati Patra, plays a crucial role in the recruitment process for various posts in the Gujarat Subordinate Service Selection Board (GSSSB). It serves as a formal agreement between the candidate and the GSSSB, outlining the terms and conditions of the application process. OJAS Gujarat provides to you all Detail and notification.

Importance of the Sammati Patra

By signing the GSSSB Consent Form, applicants acknowledge their understanding and compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the GSSSB. It is a mandatory document that must be submitted along with the application to be considered for the desired position.


  • Surveyor (Revenue Department)
  • Planning Assistant
  • Surveyor
  • Work Assistant
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Navigating the Form

The Sammati Patra for the year 2024 follows a standardized format, requiring candidates to provide essential personal information, educational qualifications, and other relevant details as specified in the job notification. It is imperative to carefully read and fill out the form accurately to avoid any discrepancies or delays in the application process.

Ensuring Accuracy and Completeness

Accuracy and completeness are paramount when completing the GSSSB Form. Any misinformation or missing information can lead to disqualification or rejection of the application. Candidates should double-check all entries before submission to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the GSSSB Consent Form (Sammati Patra) for various posts in 2024 is a critical document that demands attention to detail and adherence to guidelines. By understanding the significance of this form and following the instructions diligently, applicants can increase their chances of success in the recruitment process.

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